5 Things You Did Not Know About QuickBooks Software 2015

  • By qbcustomerservicephonenumber

  • February 3, 2017

QuickBooks is an integrated expense solution that allows small companies to keep track data and information in order. The best part is that with the help of QuickBooks you can simply fetch your desired data and information with one click. I am going to describe below 5 things you did not know about QuickBooks Software 2015. 1. Version selection matters There are many versions of QuickBooks. So, you need to select which version suits your need. When selecting the version of QuickBooks best suited to your business, think about the following things: Your industry, e.g. Professional Services, Construction, Retail, Manufacturing or Distribution. QuickBooks tailors their offerings to vertical markets and many come pre-loaded with the accounts, forms and reports you will need. Do you need to manage your small business inventory? If so, does that inventory has to be tracked at more than one location? If so, the QuickBooks Enterprise Edition is the best suited platform for you that let you track inventory through multiple locations using bar-code scanning. Do your staffs need anytime/anywhere access to QuickBooks to run reports or enter information? Consider the Online Edition to suit your need. 2. Integration with other business applications The integration facility makes QuickBooks, special and stand out from the crowd. Many small businesses use cloud based applications or desktops to manage critical parts of their business operations such as expense management, sales lead management, or a shopping cart application for a web store. There are now hundreds of business applications that provide built-in integration with QuickBooks accounting software. 3. QuickBooks Mobile App You can download this free app that will allow your employees to take customer payments at the point of service. Employees can now: View and edit customer data and information Create estimates, Send invoices, and record sales receipts Can accept credit card payments from a mobile device Means that your employees can do business on the go without any restriction, while you control how often you want payment and sales information to sync with your QuickBooks file back in the office. 4. Batch Invoicing If you are managing a landscape company and you need to charge the same monthly maintenance fee to multiple customers. Batch Invoicing, which is one of the QuickBooks’ most underutilized features, offers you well organized way to: Create a single invoice for multiple customers Create multiple Billing Groups for the customers Execute a price increase by issuing an updated invoice to everyone at once 5. Local support It allows you to set up and make the most of your QuickBooks software can be challenging. Managing your company’s finances is not always easy – especially if you need to keep track money in and money out. If you need any kind of help of QuickBooks, then call us at our QuickBooks customer service phone number +1833-400-4018 and our expert technical team will resolve your QuickBooks issues.

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