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QuickBooks is a tool that is used worldwide for managing lots of tasks related to the business. From tracking account information to managing financial records, evaluating expenses, online bill payment, and much more, QuickBooks is the perfect tool for managing small to medium size businesses. While updating a company file or opening a company file over a network, there is a chance that you may face QuickBooks Error code 6123. When QuickBooks Error code 6123 occurs, it will show you an error message “Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost”.

Reasons why Quickbooks Error code 6123 occurs:

  • You may come across this error if the program files or data of QuickBooks are damaged.
  • If any of the company files of the QuickBooks is corrupted.
  • There is also a possibility to come across this error if you have changed the name of thecomputer where the data file has been hosted.
  • If you have turned on the firewall that prevents the QuickBooks files from getting access to the required ports, it results in the QuickBooks Error Code 6123.
  • If you are attempting to restore a backup file from the flash drive directly to the local hard drive, it can let you face the QuickBooks Error Code 6123.

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Get The QuickBooks Error Code 6123 Fixed Instantly

If you want to get rid of this error as quickly as possible, you can find several different ways of getting free from QuickBooks Error Code 6123. You can either get in touch with the QuickBooks support specialists by calling them on QuickBooks support phone number or you can simply update the QuickBooks to its latest version. If updating the QuickBooks version does not work out, you can even copy the backup file to your system and once it gets copied to the system, select the option to restore via QuickBooks software. Whether you are facing QuickBooks Error Code 6123 or any other error code, QuickBooks customer service is the one stop solution for getting all types of error fixed in no time.

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