Quickbook Join With Shopify for Providing Tools and Resources to Small Business

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  • February 3, 2017

QuickBooks is basically known as an essential, reliable and cost-efficient accounting software that allows a user to maintain their finances easily. There are numerous small businesses looking for cost-cutting in order to improve their company’s profitability. QuickBooks is a boon for start up companies where a number of employees are less and in this situation small company owner just want to utilize the required resources needed for the organization. When we talk about QuickBooks, it is designed to provide a suitable platform to the small firm. Start up firm can take QuickBooks services even for 3 people or more than that as per their need. Recently QuickBooks has joined with Shopify for offering tools and resources to small firms. This will help small businesses to the greatest extent. Shopify is an eCommerce platform that has a huge number of merchants all across the globe. Now Shopify has announced plans to integrate Shopify, which is currently used by more than 200,000 merchants.

Intuit’s QuickBooks Online is a small business accounting system which is highly suitable for small business. It allows Shopify merchants to automatically update and transfer their financial information. Most of the companies are focused on supporting the small business sector will now be doing so together.

Shopify is excited to be partnering with QuickBooks Online to offer the tools and resources small and medium-sized businesses to cope with all of their accounting needs proficiently. As per Shopify owner most of our merchants are not essentially experts in accounting, which is why this integration is so significant to their success.

Intuit spokesperson called the partnership a significant component of the company’s commitment to encouraging success among small and medium-sized business communities in Canada, He added that Shopify has been Canada’s greatest startup success. He says that QuickBooks online offers client’s the best way to access QuickBooks online anytime and anywhere. For your kind information now QuickBooks online run over cloud based systems which is completely secure and stout platform where no hackers can even think to steal your accounting related data and information. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about server down time as it works offline on a cloud. It saves you significant time and energy. The best part is that one can simply restrict the access and customization is possible as per the need. No matter how big or small the firm is, one can even take the services of cloud based QuickBooks services at a reasonable cost.

After partnership in place, all of Shopify’s eCommerce transactions now run automatically into QuickBooks Online. It’s allowing merchants to adjust and monitor business transactions in real time, and to create key reports such as balance sheets and cash flow with one click.

Existing Shopify users are eager to know more about QuickBooks online as it’s beneficial for their business. Small business owners can continue running their businesses in a same way as they were running earlier, but now they can use QuickBooks online as an added advantage.

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