QuickBooks File Doctor – Installation, Errors, Solutions and Why it is needed?

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Install QuickBooks File Doctor like an Expert and resolve all the technical Errors?

As we talking about QuickBooks File Doctor Help, Intuit has invented it in 2012. QuickBooks File Doctor recover your damaged company file and try to resolve as quickly as possible. When QuickBooks File Doctor was not in market two different tools were available to fix the damaged files, which were QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool and QuickBooks Network Connectivity Diagnostic Tool, Intuit had covered both of these tools in one program which is QuickBooks File Doctor.

QuickBooks File Doctor is the necessary and easy program of troubleshooting steps when your company files are damaged due to some reasons. If you’re facing trouble in your QuickBooks Company files and there is series of error H202. At that time you need Tech Support QuickBooks Doctor Help to fix the damaged company files.

Help for QuickBooks File Doctor is precious for all QuickBooks users. At any time you can access your company files without any interruption when you have QuickBooks Help for File Doctor. When you get your files repaired to go back and open the damaged files again.

QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool designed by Intuit that allows the users to recover their damaged company files. If you have been having trouble opening your company file, you can use the QuickBooks File doctor option and fix the issue.

You can also use the QuickBooks File Doctor for fixing the following errors.  

1 Not being able to open the company file. Getting the given error messages such as -6130, -6000, -305, -301, -6150 or -6147.

2 Some of the lists of your vendors, customers and employees have gone missing.

3 Having errors such as H505, H202, H101, and H303

4 These errors generally occur where there is a multi-user arrangement)

5 The file being sternly spoiled and corrupted

Troubleshoots the QuickBooks error 1603

You can use the  QuickBooks File Doctor in a very simple manner. All you need to do is download the tool and follow the given steps for fixing the issues with your company file.

For downloading the tool you can visit the Intuit website and download it. If you have the File Doctor installed on your computer already then the icon shall show on the desktop. It is a green colored icon. You will need to install it in order to make sure that you have the newest version.

1 Once the download is complete, Click on the QBFD.exe and trail the instructions given on the screen for installing the file doctor.

2 It will open automatically once it has been installed. If this does not happen, then look for a green colored icon in the Windows taskbar.

3 Find the company file using the drop-down menu. If you are not able to find the company file then choose the browse option and try locating it manually.

4 Choose either of the given options

Network connectivity or File damage

Choose this option if you think that the company file has been damaged or there is an error message such as-6000, -82, -6150, -305, -6147, -6130 or -301.

Only Network connectivity

If you think that there is a network connectivity issue then choose this option. Whenever there is such an issue, then the error messages such as H202, H303 or H505 get displayed.

After you choose one of the above options, you will be asked to enter the administrator password. Enter the information and then choose the ‘Next’.

Feel free to contact the QuickBooks Customer Service if you feel confused at any step.

6 After you will need to choose the workstation or the Host. It is imperative that you make the right choice.

If you have using a host for using File Doctor which basically means that the QuickBooks is not stored on your device then select the workstation option.

If you have been using QuickBooks FD on a server computer then choose the Pick server option. This option needs to be chosen if the QuickBooks is being used on a single computer.

7 After that, you will be asked to share the company file. In that case, you will have to choose one of the following options

Yes: choose this option if you have been running the QuickBooks File Doctor on the company file hosted on a computer

NOte: Choose this if you have been using the File Doctor on a computer not storing the company file.

Wait till the diagnosis process completes.

Note: If you had chosen the networking + data damage option then you will need to wait until the file doctor finishes.  The process can take a while depending on the size and location of the file. However, it shall not take more than two minutes.

If you feel stuck at any step you can contact the QuickBooks Customer Service and seek their help telephonically using the QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number.

9 Add the QuickBooks File Doctor diagnosis and repair

Once the diagnosis process is completed, close the File doctor

Open the QuickBooks file and see if the issue has been resolved or not.

You can also seek the help of the experts if you face any issue while installing QuickBooks File Doctor by using the helpline number

What is QuickBooks and why it is needed?

In this Competitive Era, every Business Organizations whether they are Big or Small wants to manage finance in a most prominent way, but managing the financial transactions is not an easy cup of tea. Therefore to organize the finance Intuit, developed QuickBooks an accounting software by which any organizations can manage the accounting process very smoothly. QuickBooks has completely changed the way to handle the accounting function.

QuickBooks is a most used accounting software for businesses, as it can handle all the business financial transactions like expertise it can also help in to overcome different errors. QuickBooks helps in organizing the financial transactions at one destination. Intuit QuickBooks provided a specialized tool named as QuickBooks File Doctor which can help in to supervise the various errors, recovering the company damage files and far more to repair files and get rid of the errors but the utility is very basic and it cannot really get rid of all the errors.

Know QuickBooks File Doctor in Detail

QuickBooks file Doctor basically is a file repairing software which helps to rectify file and data corruption, network issues, windows problems and many others. QuickBooks File Doctor works in a professional way for finding the damaged file and try to resolve as quickly as possible. QBFD heals damages or corruptions in your QuickBooks file doctor is a multi-tasking program at the same time it can repair the damages in Windows or any other issue while making a network setup.

With the help of QBFD, files which are not responding or the files has stopped responding for such issues QuickBooks can take care by the QuickBooks File Doctor which will diagnose the problem and gives the most prominent solutions.

How can QuickBooks file doctor help you in resolving the QuickBooks Errors?
  1. Trouble while opening the company files and as well as facing an issue like QuickBooks error 6000, error 6000 -82, 305, 301, 6150, 6146, 6147 and 6150.
  2. Important files of the company or employee data files have been lost or have some other issue, then this application could play an vice role.
  3. Having an issue with accessing multi-user configuration setup.
  4. Wants to access the company data on one system which is saved in another system, the error
  5. QBW, QBA files extensions have occurred for such errors QuickBooks File Doctor tool can be used.
  6. All Networking issues like QuickBooks H101, QuickBooks H202, QuickBooks H303,
  7. QuickBooks H505 error while accessing the QuickBooks over a multi-user set up.
  8. Company files or employees data file have been lost.
How will QuickBooks file Doctor will fix the trouble?
  1. The very first thing to be done for fixing the trouble is to download QuickBooks file doctor.
  2. After download, install the software.
  3. Make a sign in QuickBooks account, accept the license agreement conditions and then install the QuickBooks after that use the tool.

What are QuickBooks error codes?

This errors occurred due as QuickBooks is unable to open the company file as it may have been open by another user. The file is not located in the read-only network folder. If it already placed in a system, then the file should be accessible.

For QuickBooks, error codes dial the Quickbooks file doctor toll-free number and have the support service from the experts on an instant basis.

 QuickBooks file doctor Errors and Solutions

   QuickBooks error 6000 -80 While accessing a company file from the server a QuickBooks error 6000 -80 can occur there can be various reasons behind this error like –
  1. Company data file might have got corrupted or some files have been lost.
  2. Some of the company files have been converted over the network.
  3. More than one computers are acting as a host domain right at the same time while accessing the file.
  4. The connection with the server has been lost.
A solution for QuickBooks error 6000 -80
  1. Update your system and server with the latest version.
  2. Use QuickBooks file doctor tool to resolve the issue.
  3. Always remember before updating the file, Backup the company file to the local drive and then restore the company file with new update content.
If the error still not get resolved, the user can dial the QuickBooks Customer Service toll-free number and can ask for the instant support service solution.  

QuickBooks error 6000 -77

  1. This error usually occurs when the company file is located on external storage instead of a network or local drive.
  2. Improper path permissions of the folder which has the company file inside it.
  3. The company file is being opened by a mapped drive.
 A solution for QuickBooks error 6000 -77
  1. The very first step if you are facing this error is to restart QuickBooks before closing the file save all the data.
  2. Launch QuickBooks File Doctor to diagnose if the problem can be resolved with it or not.
  3. Stored the company from external storage to internal storage and then retry to open it in QuickBooks.
  4. If the issue is a related mapped drive, then you need to change the settings and or verify the server.
  5. To do this, open the file menu and click on “Open or Restore Company.
  6. Choose “Open a Company File” and click on “Network Places”.
  7. Click on “Entire Network” option and choose the server where company file has been stored.
  8. After that restart QuickBooks to see if the problem has been resolved or not.
If still the issue is same or the issue has not been resolved then you can dial the QuickBooks Customer Service toll-free number and get the issue resolved  

Quickbooks error -6000,-83

Quickbooks Error -6000,-83 error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file, this error usually occurred due to when –
  1. QuickBooks installation process was incomplete.
  2. Company file (.qbw) has been damaged or corrupted due to some issue.
  3. Hosting of QuickBooks has been done with multi servers instead of just one server.
  4. A server does not have the correct permissions to access company files.
  5. A security software is blocking the company file access.
A solution for QuickBooks error -6000,-83
  1. Use QuickBooks File Doctor and try to resolve the error through it if QuickBooks is installed on more than one system.
  2. make a configuration to store the company file with other systems.
  3. Create the backup of the files when this error occurred. And store it in a new folder under C drive option.
  4. If your file extension is .qbw.adr or .qbm, move it to .qbw.
If the QuickBooks error 6000 error remains the same or there is some other issue then dial up the QuickBooks Customer Service T.F.N and from there a user can have the best support service solutions.

The QuickBooks H series Errors and solutions

 QuickBooks error H101
  1. QuickBooks error h101 occur when you want to open the company file but the company file is saved on the other system.
  2. When you open company file into multi-user mode this error is shown.
  3. If the system is unable to communicate with a server, and a user wants to open the company file than this error will show on the screen.
  4. Opening the company files that are stored on another computer and that computer needs extra installation and setup for its requirement.
  5. Hosting configuration setting is incorrect.
How to Resolve QuickBooks h101
  1.  Use QuickBooks File Doctor
  2. Download and run the QuickBooks file doctor on the server to resolve this error.
  3. Verify the hosting and services server.
  4. Open network ports configuration so that QuickBooks can communicate or configure the Firewall settings.
  5. Add your server to the Windows host file so that company file can be open.

If the QuickBooks error h101 continue, you can opt for the QuickBooks Customer Service toll-free number, where all the technicians are well trained and highly qualified to assist any issue for QuickBooks by providing the best support solutions on the instant services.

 QuickBooks h202 
  1. This error comes into action when you not being able to access your company file while using QuickBooks as the files are stored on another system.
  2. Installation process remaining incomplete.
  3. QuickBooks files getting destroyed or corrupt due to some technical snag
Steps to Resolve QuickBooks h202
  1. Sync the files with the system to open the company file.
  2. Use the QuickBooks file doctor to resolve the issues.

If still the error continues, dial the QuickBooks Customer Service toll-free number to solve QuickBooks h202 for the support service for the experts by 24*7.

 QuickBooks H303 
  • This error has occurred when the company file is stored on another computer.
A solution for QuickBooks H303
  1. Open QB32.exe processes, right-click on the start menu, choose the “Run”.
  2. Open services.msc and then press enter.
  3. After that restart the following services:
  4. QBCFMonitorService
  5. QuickBooksDB##
  6. Re-start QuickBooks and open your company file.
Still, if the issue continues, you may need a server reboot for that user can dial the QuickBooks Customer Service toll-free number and have the best support services.  

 QuickBooks Error H505

  1. The numerous possible ways for this h505 error code are as below –
  2. Improper Hosting configuration with the server.
  3. Firewall is not allowing the access to the computer where the QuickBooks company file is positioned.
  4. A system is not able to have an internet connection where the company file is placed.
  5. The Network Data (.ND) file has been corrupt or damaged.
A solution for QuickBooks  H505

Use the Qb file doctor, to resolve the QuickBooks h505 error by the dialing the QuickBooks customer service toll-free number, where all the QuickBooks tech support executives are well trained and qualified to assist any issue of the QuickBooks with Qb file doctor.

Limitations of QuickBooks file doctor- The limitations of the QuickBooks File Doctor are :

1 QuickBooks Company File shouldn’t be larger than 2 GB.

2 A user should not use the multiple versions of QuickBooks as it will create a doubt.

3 QuickBooks file doctor will only repair the files with extensions (.QBW and .QBA), .QBW extension Company File is placed in the folder where QuickBooks Setup files are placed.

And .QBA is the QuickBooks Company File Accountant’s Copy.

Other extensions like .QBB (QuickBooks Backup File) is not compatible with QuickBooks file doctor.

4 QuickBooks file doctor is used only when you are unable to open the company file, but if your QuickBooks Company File is open and you are facing another issue like Data Loss than using of  Qb file doctor will not be a good option.

5 You must always use the active internet connection to upload the File for manual repair.

6 Follow the admin panel instruction to run the network diagnosis and QuickBooks needs to be in hosting mode for proper function.

System requirements for QuickBooks File Doctor:-

  1. For Network diagnosis and repair –use the Admin login.
  2. For QB file repair – this is not mandatory to install on your system.
  3. For Multi-user repair and diagnosis – always verify that QuickBooks Hosting is in ON mode (strictly recommended).

For more information QuickBooks file Doctor 2015| QuickBooks file Doctor 2016|QuickBooks file Doctor 2017 | QuickBooks File Doctor 2018 call our QuickBooks technicians and have the instant solutions.

For more dial the Quickbooks Customer service toll-free number.    

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