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QuickBooks Online Release Notes: March 2016

Here’s what’s new in QuickBooks Online U.S. for March. Thanks, as always, for your feedback!

Inventory tracking1 improvements

  • Adjust the quantity of multiple items at a time. Gear > Lists > Products and Services > select the items you want to adjust > Batch actions > Adjust quantity.


Add an adjustment date, reference number, and memo.


Adjust inventory from the Create (+) window. Create (+) > Inventory Qty Adjustment.


Adjust the quantity or starting value from an inventory item’s Action menu.


Other improvements

  • Vendor list split view. Save time by switching quickly from vendor to vendor when looking at details and transaction information. Vendors > click a vendor in the list > click the toggle.


In the vendor split view, you can find vendors by name or company, and sort vendors by Open Balance or Name.


Better Receive Payment page loading. The page loads faster and you can customize how many outstanding transactions to view per page. Customers > Receive payment > table gear > Rows.


Choose your home currency2. Display the currency symbol you want to use in QuickBooks. Gear > Account and Settings > Advanced > Currency > Home Currency.



  1. Inventory tracking is available in QuickBooks Online Plus only, and requires this setting turned on: Gear > Company Settings > Sales > Products and services > Track quantity on hand. To find existing quantity adjustments so you can edit them, find them in reports, registers, and the audit log (Gear > Audit Log), or click Search (magnifying glass at the top of the home page). For more info, see the help topic Adjust inventory quantities.
  2. If you turn on multicurrency, which is a separate setting, you won’t be able to change your home currency.
  3. To try updates using sample data, check out the QuickBooks Online test drive.
  4. Missed any recent QuickBooks Online updates? See our release notes archive.

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