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How to connect your LMN account to your QuickBooks online account?

Now, this is also one such question that has come up from many users all over the globe. Getting connected to QuickBooks through your LMN account is quite simple and easytoo. For this firstly you will have to make sure that you are logged in with LMN and QuickBooks online account simultaneously. By doing this you could manage to work effective on both of it. Once, you log in it this, you need to make sure that you are currently on your connection screen. When you log in to this you will be straight redirected to this page and in any case this does not happens, you can click on the connect button of the same.

Then, right after this, you will have to click the most prominent green button that is visible to you on the screen. Right after this you will be for sure promoted to pick up the company file to which you want to get connected to. With this you are almost done with the connection process of LMN account to the QuickBooks online account. You will get a congratulation pop up right there in your screen and that is the confirmation that you are done with it.